Among individuals and business, nationwide, Lou Hutt, CPA, Esq. is well-known for his unique ability to tackle complex tax and accounting situations in an effective, ethical and efficient manner.  Lou and his team of CPAs are especially passionate in educating clients so they have the tools and knowledge to make sound decisions and use effective strategies to enrich their bottom line.


As both an attorney and CPA, Lou provides the rare advantage to individuals and businesses to develop, grow and prevent cure a variety of legal challenges. Lou frequently serves as representation in tax controversies, negotiates contracts and various other commercial and business transactions.  From setting up all types of businesses, including 501(c)3s to preparing estate documents, including trusts, Lou and his team of attorneys will set you on the right legal track.

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In his debut book, The Road to Mega Success: Simple Strategies for Enriching the Bottom Line, an extension of his popular training for senior level management and entrepreneurs, Hutt gives a comprehensive step-by-step approach on ways to improve the bottom line performance of a business enterprise. This easy to read book is tailored for early-stage entrepreneurs and executives who have experienced anxiety and frustration in designing plans to strengthen the overall financial health of their company.


Lou provides tax, entrepreneurial and executive management seminars for entrepreneurs, small businesses and major corporations.  His easy approach to challenging topics has proven valuable to various sizes of businesses.  Starting out as a college professor, Lou prides himself on thoroughly educating his clients.


Join Lou Hutt– CPA, attorney, entrepreneur, author, lecturer and mentor — as he unveils secrets, clues and alternatives to successfully tackle tax, business and financial issues. Using everyday language, Lou transforms complicated situations into easy to understand and enjoyable topics.